Commands have some options, use -h to get list of all options.


You can scan books directory to get a list of your EPUB files to know if everything works.

-v is for verbose to get each file

php artisan bookshelves:scan -v


Main command of Bookshelves, can parse all eBooks and detect new eBooks OR remove all eBooks data (and keep accounts) with --fresh like php artisan bookshelves:generate -f. When you want to detect new eBooks, just launch command without any option. It will launch multiple commands:

  • bookshelves:books: parse all EPUB files, extract data, create relations and generate covers if not exist
  • bookshelves:series: parse all series into database (don't create series) to generate cover and extra data if haven't extra data
  • bookshelves:authors: parse all authors into database (don't create authors) to generate cover and extra data if haven't extra data

All these commands try to get extra data from Internet (Wikipedia and GoogleBooks), use --local like php artisan bookshelves:generate -L option to skip this feature.

{--e|erase : erase all data}
{--f|fresh : reset current books and relation, keep users}
{--F|force : skip confirm question for prod}
{--L|local : prevent external HTTP requests to public API for additional informations}
{--d|debug : generate metadata files into public/storage/debug for debug}
{--t|test : execute tests at the end}
{--A|skip-admin : skip admin and roles generation}
{--l|limit= : limit epub files to generate, useful for debug}

--l|limit= option have to be set at the end of options

Example: here command will check only new eBooks

php artisan bookshelves:generate

Example: here command will

  • erase all data with migrate:fresh with -e from bookshelves:books
  • check all eBooks and erase books with relationships with -f from bookshelves:books
  • books assets with -b from bookshelves:assets
  • authors assets with -a from bookshelves:assets
  • series assets with -s from bookshelves:assets
  • comments with -C from bookshelves:sample
  • selection with -S from bookshelves:sample
php artisan bookshelves:generate -efbasCS

Example: here command will use only local data with -L, get only 100 first EPUB files with -l=100

php artisan bookshelves:generate -Ll=100


php artisan bookshelves:books


php artisan bookshelves:series


php artisan bookshelves:authors


php artisan bookshelves:clear

b. sample

sample account data

php artisan bookshelves:sample

sample books

If you want to test Bookshelves, you can use bookshelves:sample to generate data from libre eBooks

php artisan bookshelves:sample-books


php artisan bookshelves:test
php artisan pest
php artisan larastan

b. Setup

php artisan setup

c. Misc

php artisan log:clear
php artisan log:read
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