A library to rule them all, a library to find them. A library to bring them all, and in the shelves bind them.

Bookshelves offers to create a web application with an documented API to present your eBooks (EPUB) and your comics (CBZ). You can check a Bookshelves demo at

Currently in beta.

This documentation is about Bookshelves project, you will find two parts covered here: the back-end part made in Laravel (PHP) which is clearly the most important part in Bookshelves and the front-end part in NuxtJS (Vue.js) which retrieves data from the API in order to display it in a nice user interface.

If you are interested in Bookshelves, you can keep only the back-end part and create your own front-end with the technology you want. All the logic of Bookshelves is in the backend and it is even possible to not use an external frontend and use Bookshelves with the internal backend interface named Catalog.


Extract metadata of EPUB and CBZ files
Full relationships for every book or comic : authors, publisher, date of release, language, identifiers, tags, description, cover, serie
Detailed API to interact with front or mobile application
OPDS feed
Catalog, a basic interface for eReader web browser to download eBooks
Webreader, a small interface to read eBooks into a web browser
Front-end fully typescripted with books, series, authors and tags with filter and sort options, i18n and dark mode included
Search engine with Laravel Scout powered by Meilisearch
Account feature to save favorites and write comments


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